Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First House

My brother and sister in law (Brent's brother) bought their first home it is in the town of Norco. On part of the property it has an old meat locker on it, that the city is making them tear down. I took some pictures of it before it is gone. Brent has taken pigs there to be packaged before they closed their doors. We spent Easter Sunday there with Brent's mom, my mom, my brother, my kids, my nephew, Melinda (Brent's mom's best friend).
The proud new home owners! Wayde and Carrie

Wayde so Serious!

Then there is the silly kids :)

Oh how did these get in here! Well these are the fresh eggs we colored for Easter.

Ok now were back on track, here is Sierra with Nadit. This is what they call their grandmother (Brent's Mom) they call my mom Ouma.

Here is Nadit, and her best friend Melinda they have known each other for many years.
This is my mom and little brother Travis, he is 14yrs old and towers all of us.

and my nephew Travis- Waydes son driving he is 16yrs old I cant believe he drives I remember when he was in diapers.


  1. your kids are adorable. I wish I could have the Locker Plant sign!! So cool..

  2. thank you,
    I know we told Wayde he should use the sign as part of his fence, he wasn't going for it. He may change is mind. We'll see.