Monday, November 24, 2008

89 Yrs Old

Saturday we attended Brent's Grandfathers 89th birthday party, he does not look 89 yrs old to me I can only hope I am as healthy as he is at that age. He even still drives and does pretty well.
Brent, his uncle, grandpa, and Brents brother

Who Let The Pigs Out!!!

Here are a few photos of our backyard and my husband who decided to let the pigs out of their pen for a little bit, luckily they all went back in by themselves with no problems. He thinks it is a good idea to let them out once in while so they know this is their home.

Friday night dinner at Islamadora Fish Company

Friday night we ate at Islamadora Fish Company web site: here
my son ordered the Alligator and ate it all he loved it! I had the Venison Stuffed Mushrooms they were delicious. Here are some pictures of the huge fish tank in the center of the restaurant and few pictures outside the restaurant.
This is the first photo my children have with Santa, and if you can believe it or not they still believe in him. This restaurant is located next to Bass Pro Shops and Santa was there.

Friday, November 21, 2008


My really good friend Britta is so beautiful, here are some pictures of her. She is just stunning.

Music I love!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving 07

The view from the cabin

Thanksgiving last year, we rented a cabin at Seven Oaks Cabins in Angelus Oaks, CA you can check out their web site
It is so beautiful there I wish we were going again this year :(

My Husband Carving the Turkey

My beautiful Daughter Sierra

My Son Chance Fishing

Chance Feeding the Ducks

My Husband and I this is not the best picture of me, I am usually not in very many pictures I am always behind the camera.

This year we are going camping in Lucerine, my husband and son want to hunt chucker. I will just enjoy the peace and quite and beauty of the desert.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We were off on a lovely Saturday morning to get pedicures my daughter, niece and I. We had no idea what we were driving into. We were at the salon for about an hour and on the drive home I was able to capture some cool photos of the fire on the 91fwy, and luckily get thru before they shut the freeway down. My deepest symphony goes to the people who lost their homes in this fire.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This really made me laugh! I wonder if it is real???

Purity Balls

Hmm not so sure about this show I watched last night it was a bit disturbing seeing fathers having such a close relationship with their fathers maybe that is because I did not have much of one with mine growing up. Then I was thinking this would be a great gesture for my husband to do with my daughter then he started watching and could not bare it anymore and made me change the channel he said it was just too creepy. Check it out here to see what you think.

Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS - Yahoo! News

Wow! Check the full story out here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The thought of saving someones life would be so fulfilling to me I knew this would be a great way to help. So I signed up I received my tissue testing swabs yesterday swabbed my cheeks and sent it off. We shall see if I am a match for anyone.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day, we remember and honor the ones who have served this great country on this beautiful day. We visited Grandpa at Arlington Cemetery what a sight it was seeing all the flags on the lawn.What a beautiful way to end this day, I took this just as the sun set.


So I went to lunch the other day, and saw this it looks just like the Herbie goes bananas bug.
See more info on Herbie enthusiasts here-

My Son

Avid hunter in the making my son went on his first hog hunt last night. Here is a cruddy camera phone picture his dad took, of course he did not have the camera with him. My son was so excited and has always wanted to go with his father on a hog hunt and last night was the first time he went and was successful.