Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sunday we lost Leslie Mcbride she was my children's day care provider for my children from the age of 6weeks, she was one of the most loving, caring, patient, and gentle person I knew. My heart aches and she will be truly missed. I love you Leslie.

She is the lady with the white shirt and brown hair.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day Get Away

This valentines day, we stayed in the Seven Oaks Cabins. We spent the day playing in the snow, and the night playing games.

Chance in his Russian hat!

Lots of snow
On the way up

My sister and Lisa

Chance headed up the mountain to sled down
Danny opened the store just for us to buy more beer, he was a character.
Icicles off of the cabin

Johan and Chance
Alyssa and Sierra
Blue Jay in the treesMountain Quail
Playing GamesBeautiful StreamSierra having a blast on the sledBrent and the boysJohan catching some air

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I stumbled upon this nifty little item while I was looking around Amazon, I may be a bit behind the times but I have never heard of such a thing. I want one, I could get so much reading done if I had it. You can check it out here

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend of Birthdays and Pampering

This weekend was packed with pampering and birthday parties, on Friday night I went to my really good friends Erica's house and she gave me a facial, she is a wonderful esthetician did I ever mention I am an Esthetician also! I just never do it :) Here is some pics of that night.

On Saturday it was Sierra's day to get pampered she went to a birthday party for her friend Kamryn, they went to a salon called Monkey Dooz, she got her hair, make-up and nails done. Here are some pictures of that day.

Saturday Night

Ok the previous post was getting too long so I am continuing here. On Saturday night we went to another birthday party for Lilly, a DJ and Christina's baby who turned 2. I wish I took a picture of her, any how I dont know if we have these parties for the adults or children. It ended in us playing poker. go figure!
The Birthday Girls Dad, DJ he was annoyed with all my picture taking LOL!

Don't Ask, the Boys below (my nephew) and his friends had this in their trunk.

Brent and Bubba

Brent and Me

My sister and Erica

Me and my sister in law Carrie

Bubba and his wife Alysha