Friday, March 27, 2009

Rhino Ride

About 2 Saturdays ago Brent, Andy, Casey, and all the kids and I went on a Rhino ride to the old Crawdad hole. We wanted to see if the Crawdads were still there, back in the day this hole was full of them. Here are some photos of that lovely day.The water hole is to the left of them.We found some old Indian Mortar Holes in some of the rocks. We have named this type of bird Oliver every time we see one we tell my son there is Oliver, he comes and visits our pond quite often I am sure it is not the same bird however my sons believed that every time we saw one of these birds it was Oliver. No matter where we were he thought Oliver was following us.

These are Casey's legs he is trying to retrieve some old drift wood for the aquarium he could not reach it so Brent went in for it.

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