Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brents Jewerly

Brent my significant other makes the most amazing Jewerly, here is a sample of what he makes we are going to start making more and listing it on ESTY.com This is only a teaser he makes so much more!! to sell.


  1. are you KIDDING ME? HOLY COW AMAZING!!!! If he can make one that big in turquoise i'm SO there.. does he do this for a living? (i took the pics of that ebay girl down bcuz i got scared i'd get in trouble for using them HA)

  2. I wish I could come and be an apprentice. please let me know when you list some ok? thanks

  3. OMG! Im first in line, his work is amazing and beautiful one of a kind thats what i like. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoo Bestie